Thank you

family, friends, amis, famille!

thank you so so much. all of you who have come with your good energies and Kickstarter funds to realize 3 Moons project!

COME! venez voir, essayer la vie du désert!
 Enjoy being in this big silence and space! Even enjoy the surprise of  earth toilets!
if you come by plane, I will pick you up at Las Vegas,
those,  not so far! 22 miles east from Tecopa, (after enjoying their great hot springs!)

 From Las Vegas, take rt 160 to Pahrump, Nevada.,

Take the turn to Tecopa Road. Drive 13 miles, after the last power poles and the last little trees!.
On the south side, At the corner, there is a red triangle and  shiny  pin wheels. Take the dirt road. From a mile away, You will see the site. Nothing else there!
why do this!!!? 
so many people live very simply.
we’re offering some suggestions to live more comfortably.
Some, live in trailers, many out of need. Others, On purpose, to live sustainably on our earth!.
The desert offers many challenges! How to create with and thrive?


and for me!
This awesome desert fills my heart with wonder and appreciation.
Experiencing how amazing nature thrives here.
This pulls me to be part of  this all!  
creating,building, growing food,expanding, enjoying!
This enthusiasm spills over into desire!
to share with you!
You, who are pulled by similar desires,  awake to our earth connections!
and perhaps, others, may be surprised too and drawn in too!

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