some BASICS ABOUT 3 moons project

3 moons project usually is open for creating and building, from March through July.
building with earth bags, domes, walls, plastering, bottle walls and experience this challenging, off grid exciting place !

living at 3 Moons project!
small solar panels give our lights and phone charges.

We began with an old trailer, covered by a sun shade.and surrounded with bottle walls and bamboo shades. Gardening starts slowly. We compost.

STAYS can handle 2 to 4 at a time.for a minimum week , or weeks, or months!
If you have a vehicle, you can park your car,van, camper.
Keep in mind that we can expect freezing nights in March and hot days in July !.
For those who stay and work. There are 2 small beds in the earth bag shed, 2 queen size beds, north and south of trailer under the sun shed.and 2 or 3 people at the traveler dome. Bring your bedding!

Our meals are basic, without refrigeration! often cooked with our sun oven, or wood cooked on rocket stoves. In extremis! there is a propane stove in the trailers!
Stores and eateries are 18 miles in Pahrump, NV.
If you are interested in participating, please get in touch by Feb
3 Moons Project is in a sparse desert area, in the Death Valley system.
in Charleston View, Ca. the address is Tecopa Ca., at the corner of Falcon and Charity , dirt roads.
22 miles east of Tecopa , 50 miles west of Las Vegas Nevada
Those who need to arrive by plane, can be picked up at the international airport
Check out videos on YOU TUBE face book etc! email


I started building earth bag buildings ?

With my pull towards simple building, I had the opportunity to learn and work with Nader Khalili, an architect, teaching at SCI ARC in Los Angeles.

His class, called, architecture without architects ! In 1994, he
began his center, Cal-Earth, to build with earth bags.. Exists and thrives ! With a few others, I
lived and worked there for 2 years. A few years later, I built, not completely, open top,, a 20 ft dome , nearby in Charleston View.

get in touch with me
In joy
Consider that we are on similar paths for self growth, ! Love, compassion. Joy !
We are all part of this whole ! Humans, critters, elementals, seeable and non!! on this planet and with everyone else awake!