3 moons project 2018

past season 2018

with Gary creating the windows the top
the sunken garden with Meaghan and Donovan

for the sunken little garden, dug down then built up with earth bags! built with Jon,meaghan, Donovan,then jessie, Martin, bing, tom

March 4 2018 brrr! So appreciating the early morning close to the fire at pit! Getting ready for this next spring!

first!  Barbara and John from BC. Wonderful seeds and even cow patty from their Steiner garden. Thanks John for dome window install. John and Jon break out the sunken garden. Jon and I plaster  dome , another coat with lime mix.

Meaghan starts . Catches on how to prepare and fill bags, tamping .

From Nancy in France, Quentin and Donovan jumps in shovelling, Filling bags and starts on to the long snakey  bottle wall behind the 2nd trailer.  Meaghan, Angelika and Helpful couple of visitors built up the breakfast roof shelter! Hidden window screens, offered! We’re roped together with palm fronds.

big wonderful week of work from my family! Tim and His trioTimtim, Mischa, Samsam. Need to look at you tube for their videos

The dome went up, 6 rows completed! Thanks to Erik’s teaching!    And help from Meaghan and Sheldon,

With help from The troop here! Mark added to last year’s deck.

while her partnerNancy, person not town!worked on the little palm frond tipi.

Nancy took down a heavy winter tarp . She began  rebuilding, tying  bamboo and palm fronds as Timtim and Moe had done last year. Donovan, with Karina’s help finished the new palm frond tipi!

fresh Workaways! Karina, US,, Bing from China, Aussie Jessie and last ! in late June! Martin from Slovakia helped complete…..

the sunken garden, final plastering , mosaics and the start for the new little dome.

with all this! The TOP! Gary’s 8 sided windows graces the traveler’s Dome  !!!

Final touches! The wonderful dome lady by Lara!    the waving greeting of the OM  yellow silk banner, thanks to Tom from Elsinore!  And! Martin as a Slovak samurai, slays  Anthony’s medusa! on top of the dome!

Now anticipate the surprises of new helpers, visitors, wonderful staunch returnees, and who will be the next resident 3 mooners!

3 moons

3moons project 2018

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