2020 Season at 3 Moons Project

We continue building with earth bags on the current little dome. With wonderful helpers braving the new changes in our world!
Here are some photos George becomes part of 3 moons project with his own big metal cage of cinderlite rocks. Niko, Colette, then Sebastien in early March. Sebastien stays for several weeks, building bottle walls, and bamboo fencing.
then Sierra and Wenzday, Elizabeth and Josh. JQ. Anna and her brother Mathew come for several days.

Mid June until mid July Steven. Ben and Tyler wonderfully build !!!

sebastien and jehane on building

sebastien mudding tank bottles
sebastien building up bottle wall around tank
george creating the new tool shed
goiing up the solar panels

june full moon
spring garden begins thanks to the well
sunset painting for the loft late june
ben on top steven handing up moist earth check beginning steps for the deck
late june 2020. up goes the chaparral little dome with ben and steven and tyler. wonderful!