April 2021

With Ada, Dylan Wonderful workaways! Steve builder, inventer! Keeping the new dome in shape! We’re going up again!

And thanks with George new trees! Pines à Sharon rose. Apricot and another permissn grenadine!

Ada stamping

KATHY blew in for a few days! Rae put us on wheat grass

Putting the big tree from Chip! Going up into the dome with help from Steve who engineering the pull up and down! With help from Ada, Dylan, Rae and Cameran
Dylan especially with help from George and April, Steve on top organizing the next row

Rae helped making new seed gardens a new one on east side

April’s friend’s Marcus on work

Misses George and April jumped in for a couple of weeks Big help on going up! And son Peter added the dome deck along with many good hints and suggestions!

Erin then Cameran came to be with Steve and becomes 3 moi des too such a plus!

Son Tim with his boys pitching in too ! Plus searching for tiny opals in Tecopa hills !

This was Peter sending earth up with George too Dylan and Steve
George looking on ad Tim and Timtim helps
Peter adds to the deck Dan had started in January
With Nicolette and bunch from neighbors the Mojave org in the tiny dome in winter

Visitimors Côme through! Ruth O


Ian. Nick, Nicolette, organizers and Bee! Coo juggler and and!!

At fire pit

the nearby Mojave org with their visits and shares! Now « adobebag » builders! With help from CalEarth instructor, a budding organisation ! Watch them!!

Mabel in January with mom Natalia and Dan

Popping into the tiny dome miss you !!