Beginning the 20 ft dome at Charleston View late 1990’s


Remember when my father bought property north of New York City , we had fun grabbling over fallen trees. Logs , up and out of brambles and rocks. He created a big opening for our house and a cabin. It was Not enough for me! Needed to see wide asnd open! Found In the nearby fields!

Even now what draws me. The moving clouds in the piece of sky to be seen in my little Brussels apartment.

The other half of year , space stretches out in the wide open California desert.

Even in drawings , there is always the seeking out to space.


Simplicity. Openness

Creating space! From the little 5th street lower Manhattan 6th floor apartment , all white and yellow, in the 50’s, wanted simplicity and space! to see better scuttling cockroaches!

To the Delight of building balsa cabins for the year of architecture at nearby Cooper Union.

And now bitten by the earth bag building !

Some of us builds , feels, senses, going our way, rather than with numbers and measures! Finally corresponding to those who build in need for shelter within where and what is on hand.

In early 90’s, Saw an article in a Los Angeles paper about a class at SCI ARC « architecture without architects » .Me who loves creating spaces, 2 dimensional and in 3rd!

Nader Khalili, an Iranian architect taught the class. At my request let me come to sit in their class. …. Our animated exchanges between Chinese and Indonesian students who talked of their heritage building. Nader talked of his dream to create a place in the nearby desert to utilise known ways of earth building. For almost 2 years I joined him with 3 others and Iliona an English Greek architect who became his closest partner and final wife.

Beginning moon dome at cal earth in late 90’s

Our enthusiastic talks about building were spiced with

delicious Persian feasts and Nader’s stories, always woven with Rumi poems and sayings.

These are the foundations of what is what happens here

at 3 moons project.

A place where share with those who come to experience living simply , learning by working with us building with earth bags , building with bottle walls, creating a space that feels happy and comfortable !

Some people can come just to listen to the world and ourselves ! A retreat from your daily buzzes and distractions!